Aloha Tiki-Kane pencil sketch



Aloha Tiki-Kane

Original pencil sketch 14″x17″ on paper signed by the artist Dennis Mathewson

These initial raw and real concepts are sold “as is” in their original state.

They all show character some with bent corners, wrinkles, paint spots and raw cut edges.

To increase their life, I would suggest that they be dry mounted on matte board

displaying their raw edges and framed with glass after you receive them.

 Each is signed by the artist and will include a certificate of authenticity. 

 The $200.00 price includes free shipping in United States only.

Dennis Mathewson images may not be reproduced in whole or part. Including photocopy, illustration, tattoo or other electronic or mechanical methods without written permission of the artist Dennis Mathewson Art, Cosmic Incorporated- Hawaii.

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