Original Pencil Drawings

After decades of creating art, I have decided to release the most important and

creative steps of my original paintings, my concept sketches. These sketches and

drawings are the foundation of my imagination and creative thoughts where my

paintings first started.

All original pencil sketches on paper, some also include ink. These are my

brainstorming ideas prior to painting them. These initial raw and real concepts are

sold “as is” in their original state. They all show character some with bent corners,

wrinkles, paint spots and raw cut edges (just like me) because they are actual

working drawings and ideas of my art. They have not been modified from the day

that they were first created.

To increase their life, I would suggest that they be dry mounted on matte board

displaying their raw edges and framed with glass after you receive them. Each

signed by me, the artist and will include a certificate of authenticity. They have

been archived and photographed for a possible future book. Some of these

drawings are a few multiples of one single image, due to the developing stages

my art images undergo, but still making each one different, original and unique.

Many of these images are the preliminary artwork that have produced popular

top selling Dennis Mathewson published pieces that are considered highly


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