Limited Edition Prints

The limited edition metal dye sub print by Dennis Mathewson employs dye sublimation along with UV resistant inks that are heat pressed and fused into a polymer coating on aluminum. This results in a durable finish that is resistant to scratches, fading, water, and heat, while also providing a high gloss appearance. The process ensures a vivid, sharp, and colorful image, making it ideal for showcasing Dennis Mathewson’s original art pieces painted on metal. With the back wall mount included, the image gives the illusion of floating on the wall, eliminating the need for a frame. The edition numbers for the metal prints range from 50 to 195, depending on the specific image chosen.

Limited edition canvas gicle’e print, is a high-quality reproduction using archival ink and canvas. It can be easily displayed as is, with a 1 1/2″ gallery wrap mirror image or framed by a professional framer of your choice. The canvas edition is 100-250 depending on the specific image you select. 

Limited edition prints are created using the finest materials and printers available to ensure the utmost quality and durability. These prints often incorporate archive-quality inks, papers, and canvas, guaranteeing their longevity. Additionally, they are produced in a predetermined quantity, which is determined at the time of publication. It is important to note that there may be multiple editions of the same image, all falling under the category of limited edition. Each print is accompanied by its own documentation or certificate of authenticity. Furthermore, limited edition prints bear the artist’s signature and a unique number from the edition. These factors contribute to their higher value and the likelihood of their appreciation over time, as their availability is restricted. Once an edition is sold out, no further reproductions will be made on that specific edition or substrate, making it truly collectible.

International orders are available by emailing with the desired image and size for a shipping quote. A PayPal invoice will be created for payment, and processing and shipping may take up to 4 weeks for international orders.

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