Weekly Special & Sale Artwork


The Weekly Specials and Sale items are sold in their current condition, and no refunds or returns will be accepted. It is possible that some sale items may be restocked once they are sold out. However, please note that last of and one of a kind samples will not be restocked.

Weekly Special image changes every Monday and will run as a special super discount priced sale item for only 7 days. Check back weekly the see the new image selected that week.

Some of these items may be unique and one of a kind, while others may be discontinued products, the last ones available, slightly damaged, or artists’ samples.

If you reside on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, please contact us directly via email at info@dennismathewsonart.com. We will waive the shipping fee and arrange for a direct payment so that you can arrange a pick-up.

For orders outside of the USA, please email us first to inquire about shipping information.

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