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Dennis Mathewson’s collection of fine art is a captivating journey through Hawaii’s vibrant island lifestyle and breathtaking underwater world.

He embraces living amidst the islands’ natural wonders and cultural richness, which infuse his art with an authentic and captivating spirit. Each piece exudes his unique artistic vision, offering enthusiasts and collectors a window into the beauty and diversity of his creative expressions.

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Receive a complimentary copy of the book “HAWAII MADE: The Art of Dennis Mathewson” valued at $134.95 when you purchase any original metal or canvas art piece at Dennis Mathewson Art website.

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About the Artist

Dennis Mathewson, a pioneer and worldwide top gun custom painter in Honolulu, Hawaii, began his artistic journey in the 1970s and quickly established himself as a commercial artist. He honed his craft in Las Vegas, working as an airbrush artist before moving to Hawaii in 1980, where he developed his unique motorcycle and hot rod legendary Island style artwork. Besides his artistic pursuits, Dennis is a certified master refinisher, scuba diver, and a renowned international instructor, speaker, and writer in the art of airbrushing and custom painting. His fine art on metal, known for its holographic, vibrant island-inspired style and unique liquid underwater sea-life, has gained global recognition and is highly sought after by collectors.

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