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Wy’s Gallery – Haleiwa, Hawaii

Wy’s Galleries

66-145 Kamehameha Hwy, Unit #3-8
Haleiwa, Hawaii
Email: info@wysgalleries.com

Wy’s Gallery, located in Haleiwa on Hawaii’s famed North Shore, is where art harmonizes with the natural beauty and vibrant culture of this iconic region. Our gallery embodies the unique blend of artistic creativity and the stunning landscapes that make Haleiwa a celebrated destination. Explore our gallery in Haleiwa, Hawaii, and experience the artistry that resonates with the charm and inspiration of the North Shore.

The Bill Wyland Lahaina Gallery Maui

We are thankful all our staff and artists are safe during these devastating times on Maui.

The gallery, fixtures and all the artist work was completely destroyed in the fires of Lahaina. But not our spirits, our Ohana will survive. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this travesty on Maui. Please send your prayers and any support you can to help the survivors of Lahaina and their families. Unfortunatly there is no Dennis Mathewson Art available any longer on Maui

Below is a video of the gallery just one year prior to the Lahaina fires.

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