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Why should you have a custom metal original created by Dennis Mathewson.

Discover the magic of Dennis Mathewson’s custom metal originals. Immerse yourself in the vibrant island lifestyle of Hawaii through Mathewson’s inspired art. With a global following of art enthusiasts, his metal creations are cherished and sought after worldwide. Having sold over 2000 original pieces, each artwork is a testament to Mathewson’s creativity and skill. What sets his work apart is the ability to customize. Countless collectors have commissioned their own unique pieces, whether it’s a special subject or a specific size of an existing image. While every original is already one of a kind, Mathewson can add his artistic touch to tailor it to the collector’s vision.

Mathewson’s commissioned artwork encompasses a wide range of subjects. His skillfully carved metal pieces capture movement and vitality through the clever use of different lighting effects. As a result, his landscapes and seascapes possess a mesmerizing quality. On the other hand, his depictions of flora and tropical scenes exhibit a remarkable three-dimensional appearance. His marine animal images and underwater scenes, adorned with magical bubbles, appear almost lifelike and fluid. Additionally, Mathewson’s art delves into the edgy island lifestyle and tiki culture, each piece telling its own unique story. Interestingly, Mathewson also ventures beyond his usual Hawaii subject matter, accommodating collectors’ requests for artwork that reflects their own lifestyles or surroundings. Regardless of the subject, each painting comes to life through the artist’s vivid imagination and exceptional skill.

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  • What is the process ordering a custom commissioned artwork
  • To initiate the process of ordering a custom commissioned artwork, please reach out to the artist, Dennis Mathewson, at Begin by discussing your idea, desired size, and any specific details you have in mind via email. Dennis Mathewson knows the right questions to ask and can guide you through the process effectively.
  • It’s important to note that Dennis Mathewson only accepts a limited number of commissioned artwork projects each year. During your initial discussion, he will provide you with the timeline and estimated schedule for your specific project. Generally, commissions take around 2-3 months to complete.

To help you visualize your ideas, Mathewson can provide samples of his past work, showcasing similar painting styles and concepts. Once you have narrowed down the subject matter, you can then discuss the appropriate size for your artwork.


  • The pricing for Mathewson’s carved metal art is determined by the square inch, while his detailed illustration subjects, such as tiki and sea life, are priced based on the time spent on the artwork. Different sizes may result in varying prices, so it’s important to consider this when selecting the size. Once you have made a decision, a final price quote can be provided.
  •  Dennis Mathewson Art requires a 50% deposit based on the accepted price quote. The remaining payment will be due upon completion of the artwork. Various payment methods are accepted, including all major credit cards, Paypal, or wire transfer.

commission art is ordered

  • After the commission art is ordered, the artist will proceed with the creation process. A pencil drawing may be created for your approval before the actual work begins, especially if it is requested or necessary. However, if the artwork closely resembles a previous piece with only minor adjustments, the drawing may not be required.
  • For custom-sized metal originals, such as copper, aluminum, or special shapes, it may take approximately 2-3 weeks to have them cut and prepared. Once the details and deposit payment are accepted, the metal can be ordered.

The artist will document the stages of work and provide photographs that can be emailed or sent via text message to the client. This allows clients and collectors to witness the development of their unique artwork.

Once completed, a  topcoat will be applied. Additionally, a video showcasing the artwork in gallery lighting will be created and sent to the client via text message. This video provides an exciting opportunity for clients to see how the artwork will appear in their home. 

Framing and shipping methods can take place at this stage. It is important to note that these factors may not be included in the original quote unless specifically requested in advance.

Email us here to create an order

Upon receiving the final payment, the artwork will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, archive number, and any special dedications or messages requested by the client. Furthermore, the artist can provide a photograph of themselves with the artwork if desired.

Shipping and crating are not included in the commission price unless an estimate is requested beforehand. All artworks will be meticulously wrapped, first in soft cloth, then in paper, and finally in bubble wrap. However, bubble wrap should never be directly used on Mathewson artwork. For small and medium-sized framed or wall-mounted pieces, they will be wrapped and boxed for shipping. The shipping method will be either USPS or UPS ground or 2nd Day, with a signature required upon delivery. If the artwork is larger than 24”x36”, a crate may be necessary to ensure safe shipping. Special packing and securing may be required inside the crate for the art’s protection. Opening and removing the artwork from the crate may require a screw gun. We recommend UPS ground shipping for larger pieces. A signature will be required upon delivery, and the tracking information will be sent via email once the artwork is shipped. International shipping is available, and if requested, we can provide special quotes. However, please note that we will not be responsible for any international duty or taxes.

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