Tiki & Misc Island open edition prints

These are Tiki and Misc different Island selected Dennis Mathewson unlimited  and open edition Prints

Dennis Mathewson offers open edition prints, which differ from limited-edition prints in several ways. Unlike limited-edition prints, open edition prints have no predetermined number of copies and can be reproduced without any limits. They can be used in various formats and materials, such as paper, wood, metal, canvas, and other surfaces. Generally, open edition prints are not hand signed by the artist and do not have a number or any documentation like a certificate of authenticity. However, they still maintain the same quality as limited edition prints, as Dennis Mathewson uses equal quality printers for both. Additionally, open edition prints provide lower priced substrate options compared to limited edition prints.

It’s worth noting that you can also find open edition images from other sources soon besides Dennis Mathewson Art.

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