Aloha! Welcome to the magical world of Hawaii, from above the tall swaying palm trees to the deep blue depths of the Pacific Oceans.

Today, Dennis Mathewson creates the art of beauty, joy and whimsical fun for art galleries and collectors across the globe.

When luck landed Dennis Mathewson in his Hawaii home, great magical and marvelous things began to happen.

This book erupts with the colorful collective
Island artworks of Hawaii artist, Dennis Mathewson
as he shares the Hawaiian island paradise that he
lives, loves and embraces.

Hawaii Made is the journey and story behind the talented artist as he grew up and was constantly inspired by the beauty he saw in the world to continuously create and paint the things that inspired and surrounded him. The collective life works of Hawaii artist are shown in this book as Dennis Mathewson shares his vision portraying the land, ocean and Island lifestyle of Hawaii though his vibrant subjects. With over 200 colorful images filling 244 pages, this will bring laughter, wonder and the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and its lifestyle. The whimsical storytelling tiki pieces bring the experience of what everyday Island life is like. The characters emulate his family, neighbors and friends. They are sure to bring a smile to all as art imitates life.

His vibrant liquid style underwater sea-life takes you to depths of the world below the surface. The islands are surrounded with wonder, color and life beyond the reach of the sandy beaches. Dive in and submerge yourself with Mathewson’s colorful marine animals as you flow along with the surge and bubbles depicted in his visionary life filled aquatic artwork.

Dennis Mathewson’s creative original and unique mixed media techniques on metal bring visual magic to the eye. His wide ranged work with aluminum, copper and other metals is a culmination of diversity derived from years of past experience. By using carving, sculpture and color with an industrial technique, the images appear to actually move under various lighting. His Island images in metal art is an evolution of a new art form that he continues to grow and develop with much more still to create and share.

Along with many pages of Mathewson’s original colorful images, he shares the story behind his art. Born as an artist and always an artist is sometimes and sometimes not. What it takes to survive to follow your dreams and paint from your heart with the desire and hope for a bright future as a professional fine artist. He also includes a step-by-step process of creating one of his originals as he shares his tricks of the trade in creating one of his metal masterpieces. Read more about Dennis Mathewson here