Bad Beat em’ Beach remaster metal


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TITLE: Bad Beat Em’ Beach remaster metal

Size: 24″x30″ 

Medium: VERY RARE Remastered aluminum original/print #14/100

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Back in 2008 we did not have metal dye sub printing and to print on metal was very difficult. This is a Dennis Mathewson original ground metal art aluminum background that is colored and then prepped. Then sent to a new UV flat bed printer in Honolulu, it was the only one on ISLAND at that time. They printed the images of the Tikis playing cards. But they did not have white ink so we had to add all the extra colors and details.Then back to Mathewson’s studio where it was hand painted by Mathewson with more color, details and highlights. Then signed and clear coated like his other originals in acrylic urethane These are only numbered on the back of the art since they are 50% original and 50% print.

Date Created and History

2010 we only made 20 units of the original run off 100 and ended the program due to the difficulty and cost of the process.

These are very rare and glow like DM originals in the lighting. The only other Bad Beat Em’ Beach remasters are in the hands of a collector’s walls.

At this time we have no intention to print these again and continue the run up to 100.


Excellent and ready to mount or frame.

Additional Details

This art is hand painted 50%, signed and numbered by the artist Dennis Mathewson you will receive a certificate of authenticity

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